mercredi 30 août 2006

Émission du 25 août 2006

Kinky - Sister Twisted
Anavan - You're Taking Me Out
CSS - Artbitch
Be Your Own Pet - Stairway to Heaven
An Albatross - Lysergically Yours, My Psychedelic Bride
Thom Yorke - And It Rained All Night
Syclops - Mom The Video Broke (Fabriclive Four Tet)
Madga - Region 9 (She's A Dancing Machine Mix CD)
Dr. Who Dat? - Thumpa
Prefuse 73 - With Dirt and Two Texts
Charles Manier - Bang Bang Lover
Drop the Lime - Devil's Kicks
Yip Yip - Munch Much Mush
Otto Von Schirach - Trick Snitch (Car Jacking Master)
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