dimanche 27 novembre 2005

Émission du 26 Novembre 2005

Ghislain Poirier - Don't Smile Its Post-Modern
Plaster - Square Wave
Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Tokyo (Machine Drum Remix)
Malha Funk - Nova Dança (Melo Do James Brown) [Senor Coconut]

Plastic Operator - Folder (Styrofoam mix)
Ö - Unreleased Grav[ity]
1-Speed Bike - There's An oil tanker named condoleeza rice

Run Return - Aerospace Lanes
Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us And Them

Test Shot Starfish - B Plan
Lemon Jelly - '79 Aka the Shouty Track
Mouse On Mars - Actionist Respoke
Out Hud - The Song So Good They Named It Thrice

Les Georges Leningrad - Sponsorships
Dandi Wind - Flooded Grass
Adult. - Helen Beach

Pascal Gauthier - Columbine-Tremblant (Mambo)
Ph!l L'homme Console - Track 3
Monday Morning Erection - Centre du commerce mondial (Rumba)
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