samedi 11 décembre 2004

Émission du vendredi 3 Décembre 2004 - 21h00

Thème musical - Prefuse 73 - When Irony Wears Thin (LCEDP Remix)

Jimmy Edgar - I wanna be your STD
Kids on T.V. - the company
OutHud - Dad, there's something called too much information

Daedalus - Something Bells
John Dejada - And many more
The Rapture - Sister Savior (DFA Dub)

Tal M. Klein - Beats are Delicious
Dino Felipe - neck
Triosk - Tomorrow Today (part 2)

destroyalldreamers - Orage
mum - will the summer make good for all of our sins?

Stabbing westward - ACF
Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic
New Order - Age of Consent

monstrare - mem na'ught
Tarentel - We're the only ghosts here
LCEDP - thème d'un film

Hot Troche - Bond
Blip Vert - with
Shitmat - a1 sur full english breakfast

New Delhi FM - Zwei Wochen Im Ententeich
Winterkalte - Toxic Hotspot
dntel - pliesex sielking
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